Activities provided

If you want to come and discover Saaremaa by bus and have a bigger company, we can provide you with a guide service, accommodation and meals, i.e. full package. Please send us your itinerary or look at and choose a suitable itinerary together with the prices here. Order directly via our partners: Tiit Reisid, Perereisid, Bremmer Reisid

If your company is on bikes and you want to cycle along an exciting route led by a guide, have meals, go to the sauna and be accommodated on an old farm, or even need some technical help with any bike problem, suggest your itinerary or choose one of our hiking routes from here.

We help you to put together a suitable plan, which may comprise an excursion by bus, or by bike or on foot. If you wish, we can also include a trip to Vilsandi Island. Please let us know about your plans in advance.

Prices are included on the same page together with bus tours. Choose the available services in case of every tour, add them up and get the total price of the tour.

If you plan to arrange your company’s summer days in Saaremaa and want to include a tour in Saaremaa, some sports activity, or an island-style party with local food and drink, contact us and we prepare a suitable itinerary for you.

If you want to explore the western and the north-western part of Saaremaa, which is rich in natural and historical sites, swim in Lake Karujärv, hike along the beautiful beaches of Tagalahe, visit the concerts of Mustjala music festival, look for a peaceful and cosy but affordable accommodation during your car or cycling tour, alone or together with your family, then our farm is just the right choice.

When the high tourist season is over and days are already not that warm on the mainland of Estonia, it is still warm and summerly in Saaremaa, come and explore our forests rich in wild berries and mushrooms. When wandering in the forest you may meet a red deer, a moose, a roebuck, a fox, a wild boar, a marten or some other forest animal. If you have a camera, a phone or some other recording device with you, the hike in the forest may become an emotional photo session.